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Latest Virus Information

1) W32.Netsky.D@mm is a Category 4 mass-mailing worm which arrives with varied email subject, body, and attachment.
If you get an email that looks like the following, delete it. It is not from the Daily Journal. We will post virus threats in this section as they arrive. Check this section frequently.
----------- VIRUS EMAIL ----------------
Dear user of e-mail server  "Daily-journal.com",

Our  main mailing server will  be temporary unavaible for next  two days,
to continue receiving mail in these days you have to configure our  free
auto-forwarding  service.

For details  see the attached file.

In order to  read the  attach  you have to use the following password:

Best wishes,
     The  Daily-journal.com team
Download Removal tool

2) W32.Dumaru.AH@mm is a multi-threaded, mass-mailing worm that opens a backdoor, runs a keylogger, and attempts to steal personal information. It is similar to the W32.Dumaru.Y@mm worm.
3) VBS.Bootconf.B is a Trojan horse that modifies Internet Explorer settings, redirects Web sites such as Google, Yahoo and MSN to a different search page, and may pop up browser windows to a pornographic Web site.
Removal Tools
1) Blaster Worm
2) SoBig.F Worm
3) Welchia Worm
4) Download Security Patch

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Web Site Design                             $40/hr.

Hosting your site with The Daily Journal guarantees a fast connection to the internet so your site reaches viewers as quickly as possible. Being hosted by our high speed servers gives you access to advanced web technologies like cgi, asp, perl, java, ssl, database capabilities and much more –all to keep you ahead of the competition.

Hosting Your Site              $12-$49.95/mo.
includes a link on daily-journal.com to
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Business profile page – The easiest and most cost effective way for on-line promotion.
One Web Page within the Daily Journal site in a standard format containing a max. of 250 words, two images, and two links. This page will be linked on the front page at www.Daily-Journal.com.
Promotional Link(s):
Business profiles index page, (we suggest a link from a banner ad)
Time On-line: 3 month (minimum)
Rate: $100/mo.
1 Time Set Up Fee: $100
Changes: $40 an hour (1/2 hour minimum).

Premium spots are limited and positioning is on a first come basis.