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(815) 937-3355

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Advertising contacts:

Lyle Turro
Media Sales
(815) 937-3376

Terry Atkins
Recruitment Advertising Account Manager
(815) 802-3888
Sandy Behrends
Classified Advertising Supervisor
(815) 802-3891
Cheryl Touhy
Online Advertising
(815) 937-5416

Special publications:

Lyle Turro
Phone: (815) 937-3376

Erika McGrath
Phone: (815)937-3363

Rhonda Olechowski
Phone: (815) 802-5017


To place a Classifieds Ad:
Visit our Classified Ad submission page
Send your public notices (legals) to:
Phone: (815) 937-3340
Fax: (815) 937-3301

To place a Recruitment (Help Wanted) Ad:

Phone: (815) 802-3888

24-hour-a-day hotlines:
Renew, cancel or change an ad: (815) 802-5222
Free merchandise ads: (815) 933-3733

Deadlines for classified line ads:
By 4:30 p.m. the day prior.
Fax deadlines are one hour earlier.

New Today: $2.50
10% Screen: $5.00 for the run of the ad
Photo: $5.00 for the run of the ad
Color, borders, bold typeface, artwork and logos, available.
All line ads appear on-line and are searchable.