Surf the Net?

Here are some interesting websites that may be of value to you.
These websites vary in the ages for which they are appropriate. As with any website, you, as the teacher, must determine the value of each site and appropriate use by your students.

Tons of ideas and special Newspaper in Education month activities Ecola - lists newspapers and other publications and their websites around the world
For the inquisitive mind in each of us - great resource
Great resource for students and teachers
One of the very best homework sites on the Web
Explore this high-utility collection of homework-related resources and much - site of the world's first free e-newspaper to schools and originates in Christchurch, New Zealand
From the EGBAR Foundation which focuses on going out and cleaning up the environment, great resource for Earth Day, committed to restoring quality to the environment. EGBAR is the acronym for Everything's Gonna Be All right

Fascinating site packed with visual illusions, science projects, interactive structures, 'brain candy' and more

Site designed for those whose first language is not English, but interesting for those who visit here. Some lessons are in the Thai language. Check out the translation it column.
Great source for math activities for families (and teachers)Coolderry Central School
This website is from a School in Offally, Ireland. Most of the material is written by the students. Some words are different, so be ready to think! (Hurling, their favorite sport, is similar to lacrosse played with field hockey goalie sticks. Camogie is the girls' version.

Additional websites will be added to this list. We would appreciate any feedback from those of you who find the links on this page useful to you, your students and family.
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